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Super Wordmobi!

April 1, 2013 7 comments



Let’s talk about ways for ‘wordpressing’ without a conventional means such as a PC or a laptop. Yes we have tablets and smartphones and we can blog through those gadgets as well. I personally use the famous Nokia e71 smartphone…it’s still super-awesome. Having seen the rise of android and apple giants…I must say symbian OS has taken a good dip in the popularity and attention graph. Therefore it’s hard to find advanced new apps on the symbian platform. Yet I keep looking for new apps and updates, only because for me a sturdy Swiss army knife such as Nokia e71 is too hard to get replaced. Now coming back to the question I asked earlier…how can you do wordpressing with a symbian device?! The best answer is Wordmobi.

Wordmobi is S60 client for wordpress written in Python for Nokia mobile phones, helping you to manage your blog while saving time and bandwidth. Common blog operations, like posting, approve comment, post delete, comments visualization, for instance, are possible using Wordmobi.

Marcelo Barros is the guy behind this awesome app. He has made this program an open source code and is taking care of the bugs and updates quite avidly. Having said that, you now know that the symbian OS is not left behind for wordpress.com blogs. I have started using Wordmobi and I am so moved and inspired by this code that it compelled me to write this post here on shareups. 

You can literally do everything you need to through this app, right from your symbian smartphone. Considering a stretch of almost 4 1/2 years, now you won’t find any bugs in this app as most of the bugs have been addressed  the program code is very stable, also due to the up-gradation of the python 1.9.7 to python 2.0 it has become very fast. So take a look at the screenshots of Wordmobi…




I urge all my readers to try this free app on any symbian device, I am sure he/she will get hooked on Wordmobi.

I would like to extend my thanks to the creator of this program/app for us symbian users.


The Best Free Fonts Manager Till Date !!

Howdy ! Frnz! A couple of days ago I was searching for a nice Font Manager, Either free or if it’s worth paid software also then I stumbled upon an old post which is still doing rounds, ya the comment list is still flowing 🙂 Check that post here
25 Font Management Tools Reviewed – Smashing Magazine.

The post dates back to 5th Sep 2008 on smashing Magazine. Going through the list I got interested in Advanced Font Viewer, Cfontpro & Suitcase Fusion. Where as Suitcase Fusion costs $49.95 or 2265 Indian Rupees. One of my cousins has already purchaced Suitcase so I tried it on his laptop, the problem I found with Suitcase is first the loading time is too much, then you can’t see the font faces until you select a font from the list of available fonts box, which is not useful, I personally would like to see all font faces at a time & at least 8-10 if not all so that I can compare the fonts easily. Using CFont Pro also did’nt fared good, The Advanced Font Viewer has it’s own glitches, It has nag-screen and the overall look and feel of the software is sure to give you memories of windows 98 or may be Xp, not to mention that after these trials I literally downloaded, installed & uninstalled at least half a dozen font managers but didn’t got what I was looking for… I ask “what do you actually want your font manager to do for you?!” for me I want…

  • A smart list of fonts which shows name of fonts as well as the typeface preview…Hate guessing what font I’m working with
  • Maneuvering fonts right from the app to be organized into actual folders & not virtual sets or groups
  • Font installation from within the application
  • Font Activation/loading that means I need not Install every font I want to use rather it will be temporarily loaded
  • Compatibility with fonts types, platforms, and languages
  • Flexible output of printing one font or many fonts for documentation or proper comparison

Your requirements may vary, but basically these are the things in general as to what good font manager does. Now after going through loads of software, I was pointed to NEXUS FONT by one of my internet friend. A State-Of-Art Freeware capable of doing all the things listed above and that too quite fast. It is a simple and portable tool with a neat interface making it easy to manage fonts in Windows. What makes NexusFont powerful is that you do not have to install a font to use in applications, just open the application & the new font is available. NexusFont is actively maintained & is a powerful font manager with an extensive range of font and file attributes that can be viewed and sorted by. Unlike most of the other programs, NexusFont mainly works from the main window instead of having many different windows or panes.

Here are a few features of this awesome freeware :

Simple and Intuitive UI
Simple UI helps you focus on what you are doing. Type, see, and choose the font.
Auto Activation
You don’t need to install all fonts to the system. While nexusfont is running, all listed fonts in NexusFont are available on other programs.Don’t slow down your system by keeping hundreds of fonts installed to it.
NexusFont maintains the library and your sets on the same removable device even if the drive letter for the device changes.
Carry your fonts on a USB flash drive with NexusFont. Then you can use the fonts on it by just launching NexusFont on any computer. NexusFont does not make any changes to the Registry.
You can install/uninstall fonts using options which can help you effectively manage your installed fonts.
Library and Sets
Add folders have fonts into the Library. These folders can be managed by groups in Library.
Work with tags, so that you need not remember the name of the font every time you want to use it.
Find Duplicates
Don’t waste your storage space with unnecessary font files.
NexusFont will find duplicate fonts even if the font files have different file names.
Unicode Character Map View
This feature facilitates detailed viewing of font glyphs
NexusFont supports multi-language UIs. So you can use NexusFont in your own language, regardless of the language being used by the operating system.
You can print a font with all it’s typefaces, either single or many font files

So I would like to conclude that, after using NexusFont for just 20 days I was so much moved by the goodness of this Freeware that I ended-up writing this little post, yes I mean…I think it’s really important for all of us to make others aware of what awesome ‘Internet-goodies’ we have discovered, coz now-a-days it’s hard to find a free-rich software like NexusFont.  🙂

If you liked this post then please take little pain of typing a word or two in the comment box below. Bye & Take Care

Top Free Image Optimization Tools!

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello Readers!

Since a couple of days I was busy setting up my new architecture-blog called Inspiromatics. Now I decided to make it a ‘photo blog’. So after publishing a handful of posts, I realized that if I open the blog then, the loading time has increased, of-course it has to as being a photo blog it hosts a lot of images, each being about 500 to 750 KB.

Q : So what’s the solution, how can I keep the load-time low?!

A:    The answer to this question is Image Optimization.

Q : Yes now what exactly is this thing?

A:    Image optimization is the process to compress images in terms of Read more…

Top 100 Sites to manage your bookmarks (Part-01)

October 6, 2010 2 comments
Bookmarks made of strings. Spin.

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Myriad hearty greetings!

Since a week & a little more I was dedicating 2 hrs of each day for collecting resources for this post, this consisted of finding some really popular, efficient & user-friendly sites for managing bookmarks or for that matter doing all things one can do with the bookmarks; then testing each site (well almost) to get first hand user experience; framing the description text, which I thought must be precise & to the point & finally then making labels for the found sites. I always believe that the presentation & content holds equal weightage when it comes to blog-posts. So finally I finished the task, & am here to publish the post.

While composing this post I realized that putting all the hundred link-boxes in one post will fall on the heavier side of readability, moreover people won’t give a try to any of those link-boxes due to the long list which eventually would result in the loss of interest when you reach 60th or 70th link-box. So I decided to split this one post in two for the sake of reader’s digestibility. So this being the Part-01 of ‘top 100 Sites to manage your bookmarks’ it will showcase the first 50 sites, whereas the remaining 50 will be showcased in Part-02. Read more…

Indespensible Blogging Resource Collection

September 3, 2010 2 comments
Blogs on JoopeA

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Since almost 6 months I have started collecting links of some really phenomenal blogs & sites, this collection is exclusively related to blogging tips & guides. Whereas most of these sites & blogs are out-rightly for wordpress.com blogging , I do have some sites  listed, based on other blogging platforms; only because I find them indispensable. Now I myself  am in the process of chalking out a series of post on one major topic…”Setting wordpress.com blogs from scratch to scorching heights” But I believe it’ll take a couple of weeks more; why? …”heyya! ‘m na a copy-pastah’ …da thins of which I’ve da knowl ’tis only that wa’ I post!” 😀 haha… It takes efforts to produce a quality post, genuine & insightful. I would also like to suggest you all not to run behind making money, readership, backlinks, pageranks & bla bla bla…just try n’ concentrate on your post topic, and post content quality, If taken care of these two aspects…then all the rest of the bla bla bla will follow…(well almost!) 🙂 Read more…

Lastpass (Best Free Online Services post-02)

Hello Readers!

This is my second post of the series “Best Free Online Services”. I intend to put forth all those free online services which I personally use regularly. I am not going to sell or promote a product like most of the sales personals. Truly I don’t get anything from the company whose products I am showcasing here. The main motto behind writing blog-posts on these products or services is to help you uncover the best of the web-world…to make your e-life simple through the use of these services. You can bank on my suggestions as this is an appeal from a  service user to another service user & not a service seller to a service user. I was Inspired by a friend blogger Julius’s comment on his blog for doing a post on a service with utmost transparency & honesty. Find that Blog here.

Now what do you think you need for a truly high-end Browsing Portability? meaning you need not have the same laptop or PC to be able to use web. meaning all your Read more…

Symbaloo! (Best Free Online Services post-01)

August 24, 2010 5 comments


The way we use internet in present time’s context is a result of a incessant evolution of technology. Internet user today has become more selective, more demanding & more techno-savvy. We as the present age net-surfers won’t believe in any-goddamn-promising-offer or service; we need to have a handful reasons behind everything that goes into that particular service.  A poll result stated that around 52% of all the internet users in the top developing countries do not own a personal computer or a laptop, they use internet cafe.

Thus the internet using platforms of all these 52% users is a public-workplace which means Read more…