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Lastpass (Best Free Online Services post-02)

Hello Readers!

This is my second post of the series “Best Free Online Services”. I intend to put forth all those free online services which I personally use regularly. I am not going to sell or promote a product like most of the sales personals. Truly I don’t get anything from the company whose products I am showcasing here. The main motto behind writing blog-posts on these products or services is to help you uncover the best of the web-world…to make your e-life simple through the use of these services. You can bank on my suggestions as this is an appeal from a  service user to another service user & not a service seller to a service user. I was Inspired by a friend blogger Julius’s comment on his blog for doing a post on a service with utmost transparency & honesty. Find that Blog here.

Now what do you think you need for a truly high-end Browsing Portability? meaning you need not have the same laptop or PC to be able to use web. meaning all your personal stuff which you ever need is not workspace sensitive, it is Portable. For me I want My bookmarks, my passwords & my notes to be portable. So that irrespective of which machine I use for browsing I must have all these things available. In present times we all need to deal with various sites where we need to create an account with a strong password for login. Tracking all the user names & passwords needs management, there were times when I misplaced & lost the text file where I used to copy-past all my usernames & passwords. So I was supposed to go thru the process of resetting the lost password through e-mails. Sure those rounds of recovery used to get on my nerves not to mention, all the swearing & cursing. Then I happened to stumble upon a Mozilla Firefox add-on called lastpass. Since the day I signed up for lastpass I never maintained a text file or a stupid password management PC software. Lastpass really works & sure it’s free!

LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. Moreover you need not have Firefox to use it although recommended. If you are using Firefox the task is slightly easy. Yo get two things, 1st a local lastpass client and 2nd an online password store. No no…you need not bother about syncing! the web-app handles it by itself. whenever you create a new account on any website. the browser client automatically offers to whether you would like to save the login data to the password vault. If you want to know in-depth about lastpass then drop in here. The web-app is best in its primary function that is password management; But apart from that it also provides the following tools

  • Configurable form filling
  • Several multi-factor authentication options
  • Synchronizes across browsers/computers
  • Ability to store information notes securely
  • Stand-alone applications for mobile devices

So I would strongly recommend you to try Lastpass. If you find this post helpful please drop by a comment. cheers 🙂

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