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Blogging has become the favourite flavour of the world.wide.web at the moment. And the reasons are umpteen, gone are the days when we had to go through a long procedure to get our articles published. now that long procedure has been replaced by one-click-publishing. Let us see how the word blogging was coined.
The first use of the term weblog in relation to the delivery of content on a website comes from the delivery of a paper titled “Exploiting the World-Wide Web for Electronic Meeting Document Analysis and Management” by G. Raikundalia & M. Rees, two lecturers from Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia made to a conference on August 14, 1995.

The paper discussed the use of “a Web browser access to various meeting document information, such as minutes, tabled documents, reports and document indexes. Applications are being developed to take standard electronic meeting log files, postprocess them in a variety of ways, and generate a series of indexes and summary files. These files are formatted in HTML and exploit hyperlinks to the full in order to relate the different types of information.”

Although the paper is aimed at the recording of electronic meetings, the processes described reflect strongly on what blogs evolved into. Interestingly the term “Weblog” is not featured on the remaining record of the paper, which is now hosted at the Charles Sturt University website, but is featured in its correct context in a Usenet post promoting the papers delivery at Bond posted on August 6, 1995. Popular use of the term Weblog as we know it today came from Jorn Barger of the weblog Robot Wisdom (robotwisdom.com) in December 1997.

Now, coming on to where I left. I have created this blog for learning and sharing the knowledge about blogging & all web-interesting stuff. If you want to know more about me visit my 1st blog, http://kuberkar.wordpress.com/about/

Please give some suggestions, on how would you like to see this blog’s contents?, What do you think of this blog? and likewise. It is important for me to know your feedback.

Enjoy & shareup 🙂

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